Canadian Pacific Railway WWII Emergency Boxcar.

Build a correct CPR boxcar from an Intermountain kit.
CPR Boxcar
Intermountain kit number #41070 "WW II Emergency Boxcar, Rectangular Panel Roof" is the basis for this project.
The war emergency boxcars were built in large numbers and many railways (railroads) had them. They were built with two different inside heights, 10'-6" and 10"-0". The problem we are faced with is, CPR had the 10'-0" version, the Intermountain kit is of the 10'-6" version.

cpr Box car
There is way to reduce the height on the model.
It has to be 1.7 mm lower. I cut of the top of the
sides on a table saw, almost down to where the
diagonal brace meets the vertical.

cpr boxcar The ends have to be cut down to match the sides. 
Sanding works best. Or you can use the ends from
another Intermountain kit of the 1937 boxcars with
10'-0" inside height.

cpr boxcar
The doors are Youngstone 6'-0" wide, the ones here are from a 1937 boxcar kit.  You have the remove the top end braces. with a sanding stick or shaving. The new ones are made from Evergreen Styreene #103.
cpr boxcar
Brake plattform is is a piece of etched APEX material.

cpr boxcar
A piece of Evergreen Styreene #8406 has the right dimenson to fill in as top rail, the whole lenght of the side.

cpr boxcar I use 0.005" brass strips for the new stirrup
steps and 0.012" brass wire for the cut lever.

cpr boxcar
A new door runner has to be made from Evergreen Styreene
#111. The door stop was cut of from the side before it was cut down.

cpr boxcar
The model was painted CPR Oxyd red and AWS-1076 decals used.
Trucks are Kadee #565.

All pictures Andy Wegmuller