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How to order

This page shows British Columbia Railway 52'6" Box car models for sale.
Actual model in the picture is the one for sale.
All models are HO scale and equipped with Kadee "scale head" couplers
and have semi scale metal wheels.
Some colors may not show correctly due to color shift and lightning condition.
Please send e-mail to confirm availability before you send money.
For ordering instruction please click on "How to order".
 A new production run is in the works. Almost all the parts are cast.
Assembly and finishing will take some time.

BCR Box car
BCIT Series 801000 to 801199
Timeperiod: 1979 to 2003
Price: Not available yet

NOKL Box car Northwest Oklahoma (NOKL)
cars were used extensivly on the BCR.
I may produce a few models.
Price: Not available yet

All Pictures © A.Wegmuller 2016